FAQ's for Driving Instructors

  • Who are we and what do we do?

    We are a 100% Australian owned initiative.

    Our aim is to provide the Driving School industry with a much needed solution, which provides the driving schools and instructors with an easy way of advertising, and provides the customers with a tool to search for different driving schools on the one website.

  • How does it benefit my driving school or me as a driving instructor?

    Driving Schools : If you are using paid online advertising to gain new students, surely you are aware of the high cost of online advertising. By registering with "Find My Instructor", your business information can be viewed by students on our website when they search online for driving schools. They can also choose to visit your website. Make the most of first page online presence without the high charges!

    Independent Instructors : If you are a driving instructor and paying commission to Driving schools to gain students and provide you with work, your wait is over. You can advertise independently on our website, and STOP PAYING COMMISSIONS. For a set monthly fee, you choose your rates and offer packages on your terms.We will display your details to customers who search for a driving school within your selected service zones. The customers can then select driving schools according to their various requirements.

  • How does it help our customers?

    Customers can check rates and services offered by various driving schools on one website. They can choose the option to compare one or more services offered by the driving schools and filter their search based on individual needs.

    Customers can filter through the search results, for example, they can search for a Spanish speaking instructor in their suburb with a manual car.

  • Do I have to be a driving school to register?

    Not at all.  You can be a driving school or an independent driving instructor and advertise on our website. Please check with your state/territory for instructor licensing requirements and charging customers for driving lessons.

  • Do I need a website?

    No.  A website is not a requirement to advertise with us, as we will supply most of the information the customer may require from you on our website.

    You will provide us with your lesson rates, languages you can speak, what you charge for drive tests and much more.

  • What are your current fees?

    Registration is FREE!! Register on our website for your details to be displayed in searches 3 Kms from your selected address.

    Registration fee*


    Monthly fee


    Exit Fee



    You can also choose to have your details displayed to students within a larger radial zone from your address by choosing our Gold Listing! You have the option to choose 5, 10, 15, or 25 Kms zone depending on how much work you would like.

    Registration fee*


    Monthly fee


    Exit Fee


    (* Please note that the fees are subject to change)
    (** Fees displayed do not include GST)

    *OFFER*  : FREE Gold Listing until 30.09.2015. HURRY!

  • Do I have to pay anything to register?

    No. Due to our launch special, we will not be charging any registration costs for customers who register with us before the 31/12/2015.

    However, a one-off registration fee of $249 may apply if you choose to register with us on or after 01/01/2016.

  • Am I locked in a contract?
    No. You are not locked in any contract with us, and can choose to cancel your account with us anytime. You do not pay any additional fees on cancellation.
  • How can I pay my monthly paid listing charges?

    Our recommended payment option is by Direct debit through a credit card. We recommend this method as you do not have to worry about paying your account manually each month.

    As all payments are made in advance, not paying your account by the due date may result in your listing being removed from our website.

    Apart from direct debit, your invoice will have the other acceptable payment options, including pay in person, pay on the internet or over the phone.

  • What payment options do I get if I choose the Gold listing?

    You can choose to pay your bill in a number of different ways. We offer you the payment options through Australia's largest bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Commonwealth Bank, via BPOINT, provides multiple payment methods allowing you to choose the channels you want.

    You can choose to pay by direct debit, in person, on the internet or on the phone.

  • Do you charge a credit card surcharge?

    No. You do not incur a surcharge from us on your credit card direct debits or online credit card payments.

  • Can I cancel my advertisement anytime?
    Yes. You can request to cancel your account with us anytime. Just fill in the contact us form on the Driving school Login page and advise us of your request. Please be advised that it may take us 4-6 weeks to process your cancellation request. You will be liable for any payments due while the cancellation request is in process. Please note: that if you want to re-register with us after the 31/12/2014, a registration fee may apply.
  • How will customers contact my driving school?
    Customers can choose to contact you directly via phone, send a message or request a call back.
  • How many new customers can I expect?

    Based on search reports, there is an estimated 2500 searches for DRIVING LESSON each month on an average.

    Most customers search online for a driving school or a driving instructor in their locality. Being a part of our website will give your business the opportunity to claim you online presence and make yourself visible to customers. With our extensive marketing program, we will be reaching out to majority of customers looking for a driving school.

  • How will I recoup my advertising cost?
    Your monthly cost of advertising is less than the standard cost of a 45 minute driving lesson. You will recover your monthly advertising cost with the first lesson of your first customer you get. Any more lessons from the customer or any new students you gain in the month are all a bonus for you!
  • What can I do to attract customers?

    Provide as much information as you can on your registration page. The more information you give to customers, the easier it is for the customer to narrow their search and contact the driving school  or instructor matching their needs.

    You have the option to provide all your rates, your special packages, the types of car you have, languages you speak and much more.

    Being precise and truthful about your services offered will assist us in matching your details to the customer's requirements and will assist us in forwarding you genuine enquiries.

  • Can I update my details?
    Yes. When you register your details on our website, you will set up a username and password. You can login to your driving school account anytime after registration and update any of your personal and school information. Your email address will be your username and you can choose your own password.