How we work

The role we play in the market is twofold. For consumers, we are a comparison service offering comparison between our registered lists of driving schools. For the driving school industry, we are a marketing channel offering a more cost effective way of gaining new members. We are a part of the driving school industry ourselves. We have started this small venture to reduce the gap between customers and driving schools. We want to give all driving schools, big or small, an easy way to make their presence online and gain new customers.

What we do?

We are a comparison website for driving schools and driving instructors throughout Australia. We aim to provide customers looking for a driving school an easy to use search tool, which will let them compare rates and services offered by the driving schools. Customers will search by location and will also have the option to refine their search results. Customers can filter their search results on options like languages offered, car type required and many more.

Our Unique Selling Point (USP)

Our website offers a unique service of comparing rates and services offered by participating driving schools. This reduces the stress customers face trying to find a driving school in their area. You will have the advantage of accessing information and rates from many driving schools on the one website. You can compare features of different schools and have them displayed side by side for a thorough comparison. For example, you can compare who is offering the cheapest lesson, and who has a female Mandarin speaking driving instructor.

What to expect

On our website home page, you will choose your state and suburb, and the participating driving schools that service your suburb will be displayed for you. You can choose to view a particular school's details or choose any 4 schools and compare their rates and features side by side. You will not need to visit each driving schools website individually and will not require to call them individually to obtain simple information, like languages spoken by instructors, and types of cars available. The results are displayed on a random basis and the choice is solely yours. You can send an online enquiry form with your details to a driving school or call them directly to book a lesson.

No fees for customer

You do not pay anything to use our website. The comparison service is offered to customers without any obligations. You can view your search results and choose which driving school you would like to contact. You can request a call back by sending the driving school a message or call them directly to book a lesson. Our costs are recouped by the participating driving schools who register and advertise with us.

Us v/s Directory

Who uses the directory today ? Google and other well-known search engines are usually peoples first search tool for a service. Search engines are in them a massive general directory, so that is why we advise schools not to budget on services that isn't the people's first choice. The well-known paper directories and their online versions can be hugely expensive to place an 'effective' advert and the percentage of conversions to real sales is often low. While we don't compare every driving school, we're working on expanding the range as much as possible to give you the most choice under one roof.